Cow of the moment - The Bahn mi burger

Our 1/3 lb. burger is topped with marinaded smoked pulled pork, shaved cucumber and radishes, pickled red onion and carrots and finished with a zesty Sriracha mayo.

Poutine of the Moment - Chimichuri

Our Chimichuri Poutine of the Moment features our hand cut fries and fresh cheese curds topped with marinaded flank steak, black bean sweet corn pico de gayo, avocado and drizzled with our housemade chimichuri sauce.

The Summer salad

A mix of Romaine lettuce and baby arugula, cucumber, baby heirloom tomatoes, red onion, fried chick pea and succulent shrimp, all drizzled with our housemade mango and lime vinaigrette. 

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