Cow of the moment #1 - black & Bleu burger

Our 1/3 lb. burger is stuffed with bleu cheese and bacon & topped with andouille sausage, blackened shrimp, house pickled jalapeños and a drizzle of Rémoulade. 

Cow of the moment #2 - PB&B Deluxe 

Our 1/3 lb. burger is stuffed with Brie and walnuts & topped with our mouthwatering pepper bacon, peanut butter, honey, red wine and tarragon poached apples on a delicious pretzel bun.

Poutine of the Moment - Funnel Cake Dessert Poutine

Our Funnel Cake Dessert Poutine of the Moment features funnel cake sticks topped with cinnamon and sugar mascarpone cheese curds, champagne poached strawberry compote and drizzled with Anodyne coffee infused chocolate sauce.

Flatbread Series - Chicken Cordon Bleu

Seasoned with thyme and garlic & topped with a housemade Swiss cream sauce, crispy prosciutto, seared chicken breast, baby arugula and drizzled with a balsamic reduction. 

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